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Bee Nest, Problem or Infestation?

Introduction to Bees

There are over 200 types of Bees in the UK, including 25 types of bumblebees. Contrary to popular belief bees aren't protected and can be removed or even treated as a last resort, defined by the British Pest Control Association (BPCA). Bees play an incredibly important role in the UK ecosystem and certain types are endangered due to declining populations, so Pest Off assess all avenues to preserve them where possible.

Pest Off works closely with The British Bee Keepers Association and local Bee keepers assuring that all efforts are made to capture the swarm.  If this is not possible, Pest Off always complies fully with the guidelines set out in controlling the hive and not endangering nearby colonies.

For more information on the official BPCA statement and the different types of Bees, please click here for the associated webpage.


Why Control Bees?

Our aim is to leave Bees to what they do best; pollenate and make honey. Unlike wasps or hornets, Bees have a less aggressive temperament and only sting as a method of self-defence once aggravated. So where possible, we should leave them alone.

Bees become a concern and need for controlling when there is a serious threat to human life (Swarms or the potential of allergic reactions) from both a domestic and public responsibility perspective. An example would be an active Bees nest by a school or hospital causing the potential threat to public health.

How to get rid of Bees?

If the Bees pose a threat to human life then firstly we would look to relocate the Bees & their nest. 

If this cannot be done due to being inaccessible, as a last resort, unfortunately the bees would need to be exterminated given their threat to human life.

Pest Off is professionally trained in nest removal, safe relocating, and if required treatment of Bees. We provide a rapid response to emergencies to remove the threat and inconveniences caused.

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