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Protecting Homes and Businesses for Norwich and surrounding areas

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Pest Off understands and appreciates the importance of the Environment. To us, pest control is as much about prevention and protecting the environment as pest extermination. Because of this, we always look to offer Environmental as well as Pesticide solutions, while providing advice and education to stop pest returning in the future.


For our contract customers, we can turn our advice in to plans, setting up routine checks and taking preventative actions. This proactive approach puts our contract customers in the best place to prevent Pest, and if they do encounter a threat are able to easily identified and therefore quickly resolve the problem.

Our approach, advice offered, and actions taken are underpinned by our qualifications from the Royal Society For Public Health (RSPH) and our memberships with the National Pest Technicians Association (NPTA). These define the strict procedures our services align to and contributed to Pest Off being certified the European Standard for the pest management industry (EN16636).


 See more information on our accreditations page or below on Pest Off's Environmental Policy:

Waste Management

Being environmentally conscious, we follow the policy of Recycle, Reduce, and Re-use for waste. Where this is not possible or appropriate, we ensure any remaining waste is disposed of in an environmentally friendly way by a professional waste disposal company.

Energy Management and Pollution

From the small things to the big, we assess how we can minimise our impact on the Environment from the perspective of Energy usage and Pollution. From turning off devices not in use, to planning our logistics, and using well maintained eco-efficient vehicles, are just some of the ways how we get the job done while minimising our impact. 

Minimising Pesticide

Pest Off follows a number of simple steps when using pesticide to minimise usage and potential impact to the environment, find these steps defined below:


As defined above - we look at both Environment and Pesticide solutions to Pest problems. We also look to advise and educate on preventative actions.


Pest Off Technicians are professional Pest Controllers qualified at Industry level and follow leading governing bodies procedures. This training ensures we have the latest research, techniques and procedures when dealing with Pests. This

 knowledge allows us to successfully identify the threat(s) and risk, and then accurately target with the right treatments to resolve the problem and not to harm the environment. This ensures we avoiding over-usage of pesticides, unnecessary treatments or even harmful pollution.


Our products comply with the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health regulations. We will always choose the best solution for the job, that has no or the smallest potential threats to humans and the wider environments. Where possible and appropriate we will use non-toxic treatments, and avoid older less-reliable approaches. This thorough selection of products combined with our training ensures we are always minimising any potential risks and impact.


We are proud to be a Norfolk family run company providing services to our surrounding area. Therefore, we are committed to supporting other local businesses, and ensure where possible and appropriate that we procure from local suppliers.

Why Choose Pest Off?

We provide free call outs and advice. Open 7 days a week 7am to 7pm, with no extra charges for weekend services

A discreet service and rapid response to Pest emergencies.

Qualified RSPH Level 2 technicians ensuring high quality pest control

Members of NPTA highlighting our commitment to strict standards and continuous development

 Customer satisfaction is our priority, as demonstrated by our recent awards, Norfolk Trusted Trader accreditation, and 5 star reviews

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