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Professional Pest Control for Hornets

Hornet Nest Removal and Treatment

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Hornet Nest, Problem or Infestation?

An introduction to Hornets

Hornets are twice the size of the common wasp and appear brown and yellow instead of black and yellow. They build their nests in hollow trees and other similar sites. They will occasionally enter houses to nest, preferring the roof space, the inside of air bricks, or the garden shed to provide a suitable and safe area protected from the elements.


Why Control Hornets?

Although less aggressive than wasps, they will look to protect their nests by repeatedly stinging or biting any potential threats.

This is risk and a cause for concern if you are allergic to the stings, have  small children or pets. The stings can be very dangerous, even life threatening, causing severe reactions with several people dying every year.

From a commercial perspective, if your customers experience a high level of Hornet activity at your premises, then they are likely to complain and request a refund, report on your company negatively potentially resulting in a loss of future income.

How to get rid of Hornets?

Treating a Hornets nest can be very dangerous. Hornets inside the nest will feel threatened and often become aggressive. This could cause them to sting you and others as they defend their nest and young.


To get rid of Hornets you can either remove the nest or treat it. For treating a Hornets nest make sure you use a trained professional for safety reasons. Therefore we strongly recommend you contact a professional pest control company, preferably with full membership of the NPTA.

As a trained professional, Pest Off is a full member of the NPTA and therefore has the technical knowledge and access to a range of professional use insecticides which are not available to the public.

Where Pest Off - Pest Control Covers: 

Hornet Nest Removal in Norfolk

Hornet Nest Removal in Norwich

Hornet Nest Removal in Acle

Hornet Nest Removal in Blofield

Hornet Nest Removal in Broadland

Hornet Nest Removal in Brundall

Hornet Nest Removal in Coltishall

Hornet Nest Removal in Costessey

Hornet Nest Removal in Cringleford

Hornet Nest Removal in Hethersett

Hornet Nest Removal in Lingwood

Hornet Nest Removal in Loddon

Hornet Nest Removal in Long Stratton

Hornet Nest Removal in Mulbarton

Hornet Nest Removal in Poringland

Hornet Nest Removal in Spixworth

Hornet Nest Removal in Taverham

Hornet Nest Removal in Thorpe

Hornet Nest Removal in Wroxham

Hornet Nest Removal in Wymondham

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 Customer satisfaction is our priority, as demonstrated by our recent awards, Norfolk Trusted Trader accreditation, and 5 star reviews

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