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Beetle Problem or Infestation?

Introduction to Beetles

There are just over 4000 different spices of Beetle in the UK, with only roughly 30 being classed as pests. The most common types are Flour Beetle, Grain Weevil, Carpet Beetle, Biscuit Beetles, and Ladybirds.


The beetles are attracted to food sources, and once located can infest in huge numbers. They feed on a wide range of materials from wool, fur, hair, feathers, dried food, scraps, dried animals and plants.


The adult beetles can fly, which gives them the ability to enter via ground, underground passages or air. Once the adult has found a suitable food source it will lay up to 200 eggs. These eggs will hatch turning into larvae which can cause great damage and contamination.


Why Control Beetles?

Beetles are not known to spread disease, but they can cause wide scale physical and repetitional damage, along with contamination.

Different species are attracted to different food sources and have different treatments. Therefore identification and knowledge of the treatment path is important for large scale infestations.

How to get rid of Beetles?

Infestations occur due to the beetles finding a food source, therefore any food debris or infected materials should be removed as a first instance. If there are only a small number, then a Crawling Insect Insecticide spray from a hardware store or supermarket may suffice.


If the above is not working or the infestation is wide scale, then identifying the type of beetle is the next important step to defining the required treatment. A professional Pest Controller will be able to support with this, and then align the right treatment to resolve the issue. 

We always recommend using a Pest Control company who is a full member of the NPTA, like Pest Off. This membership ensures the right training, equipment and strict standards and procedures are adhered to. 

Why Choose Pest Off?

We provide free call outs and advice. Open 7 days a week 7am to 7pm, with no extra charges for weekend services

A discreet service and rapid response to Pest emergencies.

Qualified RSPH Level 2 technicians ensuring high quality pest control

Member of NPTA highlighting our commitment to strict standards and continuous development

 Customer satisfaction is our priority, as demonstrated by our recent awards, Norfolk Trusted Trader accreditation, and 5 star reviews

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