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Fly Problem or Infestation?

Introduction to Flies

There are over 7000 species of flies in the UK, but the main three that cause health problems are Bluebottle/Greenbottle flies, Cluster flies and House flies. Each of the flies are attracted to rotting food sources where they vomit onto it to soften the source up, and then suck it up with their sponge like mouth. 


Bluebottles, Greenbottles and Cluster flies are all parasitic. They prefer to feed off another organism. This is also where they lay their larvae, in a host to feed and develop, generally a carcass. The House fly likes to feed and leave their larvae on any decaying matter, from plants and vegetables, to meat and faeces.


Infestations occur in homes and buildings when the flies find a decaying food source like a rat carcass under the floor boards. This source will allow flies to feed, lay their larvae and attract other flies leading to large infestations. 


In late Summer/Autumn as the temperatures cool, Cluster Flies will return or create a harbinger point ready for the winter, like a loft space. They mark the area with a pheromone which attracts other Cluster Flies from their group and provides them a chemical path to return year on year. The harbinger point can attract many thousand of flies which Cluster together in the chosen space, and hence the flies name. They will leave their harbinger point in Spring ready to feed and breed in the warmer weather.


Why Control Flies?

Flies are widely recognised to spread disease, and their mobility makes them highly effective at it. Given their attraction to decaying food sources, they can pick up many nasty diseases when feeding and crawling around the affected materials. This is then passed when they come in contact with humans, onto their food, or preparation areas.


Fly infestations need controlling not just because they are a nuisance, but due to the mass contamination and therefore the threat to human health they pose.


Commercial organisations that have food production or sales environments have a legal responsibility to prevent, remove and control flies. This is enforced by the Environmental Health Department and their officers. 


Further to the health risk flies pose, commercial organisation must take into consideration the reputation threat. The simple presence of a few flies can be irritating to staff and customers. Given the flies unhygienic ways, this can quickly cause damage to reputation if not resolved.

How to get rid of Flies?

For a domestic location, if the flies are small in numbers then controlling the flies with swats, fly traps, or sprays may keep the pests under control. These can be brought from local hardware shops or some supermarkets. Try to clean and remove any potential food sources that are attracting the flies.


If this is not working, the infestation is on a wider scale, or need a quick resolution then we would recommend using a Professional Pest Control company who is a full member of NPTA, like Pest Off. This membership ensures the right training, equipment and strict standards and procedures are adhered to. The professional treatment will depend on the type of fly infestation.


For commercial organisations, particularly if your services include food production or sales environments, then a professional Pest Control commercial contract could be put in place to ensure continuous control and prevention.


For small numbers of flies in a commercial location, then an Commercial Electric Fly Killer could be the solution to control the Pests. Pest Off both supplies and services Commercial Electric Fly Killers. 


For a larger infestation, then professional pest control treatments should be used, which is dependent on the type of fly. We would recommend using a Professional Pest Control company who is a full member of NPTA, like Pest Off. This membership ensures the right training, equipment and strict standards and procedures are adhered to.

Where Pest Off - Pest Control Covers: 

Fly Infestation Removal in Norfolk

Fly Infestation Removal in Norwich

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Fly Infestation Removal in Blofield

Fly Infestation Removal in Broadland

Fly Infestation Removal in Brundall

Fly Infestation Removal in Coltishall

Fly Infestation Removal in Costessey

Fly Infestation Removal in Cringleford

Fly Infestation Removal in Dereham

Fly Infestation Removal in Hethersett

Fly Infestation Removal in Lingwood

Fly Infestation Removal in Loddon

Fly Infestation Removal in Long Stratton

Fly Infestation Removal in Mulbarton

Fly Infestation Removal in Poringland

Fly Infestation Removal in Spixworth

Fly Infestation Removal in Taverham

Fly Infestation Removal in Thorpe

Fly Infestation Removal in Wroxham

Fly Infestation Removal in Wymondham

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